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Theses, Diets, and Spreadsheets

Corpus Reformatorum 2020 and Postmodern Reformation Research This post is the reflective essay component of my final project in ASTD 5930: Digital Humanities, a graduate seminar in Spring 2020 at Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri. This project aims at transparency, open-access, and free exchange of ideas, so it made sense to publish this essayContinue reading “Theses, Diets, and Spreadsheets”

Google Earth!

So after some tinkering, I was finally able to load the database into Google Earth! Not every document is geo-coded, but those that are can be mapped in Google Earth thanks to a cool Gephi plugin that exports in a GE-readable format. Now the problem remains of dealing with the (literally hundreds of) documents publishedContinue reading “Google Earth!”

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